Our Approach to Elder Care Services

We Care for Your Loved Ones Just Like You Would

Evolving lifestyles and medical conditions can make caring for the elderly at home challenging. At Kshetra’s assisted living facilities, seniors get the help they need without compromising on the comfort of home.

Launched in 2013, Kshetra’s assisted living facilities, unlike an old age home, offer personal and health care services for senior citizens in Hyderabad. These are ideal for seniors who experience physical impairment, a medical condition or cognitive impairment and are unable to perform everyday tasks independently.

At Kshetra, services are provided by a multidisciplinary team and range from help with everyday tasks to specialised care for degenerative conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Kshetra Promise

Kshetra offers 24-hour care and support services via trained caregivers to maintain the independence and dignity of seniors. Family members are actively involved in the residents’ well-being and are regularly updated as well.

Families that live in other countries have no reason to worry, especially regarding the purchase of day-to-day essentials and accompanying the elderly to hospitals or diagnostic centres for check-ups and procedures. Kshetra’s team takes care of it all.

About Heritage Elder Care Services

Kshetra falls under the ambit of Heritage Elder Care Services, a Hyderabad-based organization that has been synonymous with elderly care for nearly 25 years.

Amenities offered by Heritage Elder Care Services in Hyderabad

  • Assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • Home-delivery of nutrient-rich, millet-based meals
  • At-home caregiving services
  • Adult day care centre
  • Caregiver's Forum
  • Senior Citizens Club

Vision: To gain the reputation of being the most home-like, dependable and ethical Assisted Living and Dementia care facility for the elderly.

Mission: To deliver compassionate and personalised care to the elderly, while preserving their dignity, promoting their independence, maintaining their quality of life and helping their families cope with the stress of caregiving, while providing a positive working environment for all staff.

Key Achievements

In 1994, Dr. K.R.Gangadharan established India's first geriatric healthcare facility in Hyderabad

In 1996, Heritage Home Health Care Services was launched to provide home-based care for the elderly

In 2013, the first Kshetra Assisted Living Facility was established in Hyderabad

In 2015, Kshetra received the Best Assisted Living Company of the Year Award from Frost and Sullivan

In 2020, Kshetra received an ISO 9001:2015 certification for its best-in-class quality management systems

Our Process

To offer tailored elderly care services, we follow a simple on-boarding procedure.

  • Clients are requested to carry out a self-assessment to pinpoint their needs
  • Kshetra’s multidisciplinary team assesses requirements on interacting with the primary caregiver(s) and evaluating medical reports
  • The extent of care is defined based on the recommendations
  • Once care commences at Kshetra’s assisted living facilities, family members are periodically updated about their loved ones’ well-being
  • Depending on the evolving needs of the resident, the care programme is reviewed and modified

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