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Assisted Living Facility with Dementia Care Services

Our ISO certified assisted living facility is a multi-faceted residential service, and cannot be compared to an old-age home or a retirement community.
At Kshetra by Heritage ElderCare Services Pvt. Ltd., we provide person-centred care including health and wellness monitoring, personal care assistance, medication administration, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia care.

Senior-Friendly Design

In a pollution-free, quiet neighbourhood with ample sunlight, ventilation and pleasant home-like ambience

Multidisciplinary Care

Through trained attendants, nursing staff, therapists, on call-physicians and administrative staff

Long-Term Care

That changes with the care recipient’s evolving needs and preserves their privacy, autonomy and quality of life

Understand assisted living

Contrary to popular belief, an assisted living facility is nothing like an old age home. Here’s what our facility entails.

Assistance with everyday personal tasks in a home-like setting

Social, physical and mental stimulation for residents

Basic health and wellness monitoring, along with medication management

For seniors who don’t require 24/7 nursing care/doctor supervision

For families unable to manage seniors with conditions like Alzheimer’s/dementia

For caregivers who are experiencing burnout from caring for the elderly and need some respite

Kshetra's Elder Care Services

Dementia and Alzheimer’s care

As Alzheimer's/Dementia can't be cured and gets progressively worse over time, caring for a member of your family with either condition for a long duration is difficult. As ageing may worsen the ability of seniors to perform basic tasks independently, be it feeding or dressing themselves, as a caregiver you are likely to experience stress and symptoms of burnout.

In such a situation, it's best for you and the elder member of your family to entrust care to an assisted living facility. Kshetra is equipped to provide the level of assistance and stimulation that seniors having Alzheimer's and dementia need in a peaceful home-like setting. Such an arrangement can be considered for a long term or short-term basis based on your comfort level.

Providing Award-Winning Short & Long-Term Care

Opting for an assisted living facility instead of caring for your parents at home can be a tough call to make. At Kshetra, our high quality of services ensure that you never second-guess your decision.

You can rest assured knowing that Kshetra’s elder care services in Hyderabad include:

  • A holistic approach to care, meeting the physical, cognitive and social needs of the elderly
  • A non-judgmental space in which care recipients can maintain autonomy, express themselves and enjoy a good quality of life
  • Periodic updates to families
  • Senior-friendly and safe environment
  • Continuity in caregiving within Kshetra, regardless of change in caregivers

Kshetra received the prestigious Best Assisted Living Company of the Year Award from Frost and Sullivan in 2015 for its broad spectrum of services.

Kshetra also has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its facility for seniors. Despite unique requirements, all residents get equal quality of care at our senior care facility.

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